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Consulting and integration LLC

Konsultasi dan integrasi PT

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”. Pat Riley

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is defined as “the collection and analysis of information designed for sales and marketing decision support…to understand and support existing and potential customer needs. It includes account management, catalog and order entry, payment processing, credits and adjustments, and other functions.” (According to APICS Dictionary.)

Our company can provide flexible configuration of the CRM system for:

  • Retail
  • SME (small and medium enterprises)
  • Corporate
  • Investment banking


Various hierarchy of:

  • Client’s segments and groups
  • Client managers and client manager teams (groups)
  • Products, services, operations and client interactions (service tasks)
  • Integration with any systems.


We can elaborate banking service model and products/service/operation catalogue as a methodological frame for the CRM system design.  

We can provide a deep seamless integration of CRM with other bank systems (core system, in-house banking card processing, e-channels, front-end (corporate site, internet-banking, mobile banking), contact-center, Cisco / Avaya corporate network and data warehouse etc.

Information that based on CRM data are crucial for improving sales, accumulating vast detailed clients, trend and products data.

It also important for performance efficiency and motivation system that allows calculating of personal achievement for each client manager, teller or other front-office staff.

CRM can boost your sales; ensure an increasing market penetration and competitive advantages for banking retail, corporate business, interbank and custody.

We strongly recommend that our customers choose Oracle Siebel CRM system as the best solution for the bank.