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Consulting and integration LLC

Konsultasi dan integrasi PT

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”. Pat Riley

Mission is to create the social and material value for the founders, employees and clients.

 Positive effects of company’s activity:

  • Providing of consulting and integration services will bring the optimization of bank’s process, technologies and management. It creates conditions for the qualitative decision-making and governance at banks and levels up their sustainability. This affects bank’s customers and banking market positively.
  • Creating new jobs for the local professionals.
  • Training and professional development of local employees.
  • Creating regional competence center (support and development) for the banks of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia (in the long term). This implies the inflow of earnings from the export of services to Indonesia.
  • Social activities and responsibilities. (Forums, conference on bank’s IT-consulting, new products and process management).
  • Recruiting young local talents to the field of analysis and IT design with further training them.